Defending the Bride … The Catholic Church | St Margaret Mary Catholicism 101

Most Catholics know 'what' the faith teaches, but unfortunately all too often Catholics don't know the 'why.' The why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe. When you know the 'why,' you are better able to explain and defend the 'what.' This is the heart of what Catholic Apologetics is all about. It echoes the words of St Peter himself who said ...

'Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;' 1 Peter 3:15-16

In other words, explaining and defending the faith is not done with a puffed up sense of pride and finger waging, that we are on the winning team and you're not. Rather it is to be done in love and Christian charity and .. "with gentleness and reverence."

The Catholic faith contains the full deposit of the Christian Faith. She is the bride of Christ. When you insult or smear the bride, you also insult and smear the groom … our Lord Jesus Christ.

But being charged with the full deposit of faith shouldn't make us smug or condescending. It is a mission and a responsibility that we have assumed through Baptism. A mission and responsibility we have towards our Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Atheist, and yes, our 'lukewarm Cafeteria Catholic' … brothers and sisters.

Why should we Catholics be content in the knowledge that we have the gift and grace of the seven sacraments, and our Protestant bothers and sister have only some. Why should we Catholics be content in the knowledge that we have the gift of the seven sacraments and our Muslim, Hindu and Bhuddist, brothers and sisters have none.

Some people might think that Apologetics is something only for theologians and scholars and not for your average folks. Well, think of it this way … Would you let anyone spit at your biological mother and not do anything about it? Would you let someone slap your biological mother and not do anything about it? Would you let someone insult your biological mother and not doin anything about it? Then why do we Catholics allow people to spit at, slap and insult our spiritual mother, the Catholic Church, and we don't do anything about it. Apologetics does indeed give you the tools, knowledge and understanding to be able to know, explain and defend the faith … to defend our mother the Catholic Church … the Espaã±ol  |  donate  |  journals  |  annual meeting  |  find an allergist / immunologist member login  ·  forgot your password? Pollen counts » aaaai store » ask the expert » latest research » conditions &treatments allergies asthma primary immunodeficiency disease related conditions drug guide conditions dictionary virtual allergist just for kids library videos professional education& training careers in a/i continuing education center fellows-in-training grants & awards program directors practiceresources asthma iq consultation and referral guidelines management tools and technology practice financial survey statements and practice parameters mymembership aaaai constituency groups direct access links governance manage your account member magazines membership directory request forms staff contacts about theaaaai allergist / immunologists: specialized skills career connections center code of ethics disclosure policy history membership newsroom organizational support service and stewardship strategic relationships website policies home > ask the expert > treatment of hypereosinophilic syndrome treatment of hypereosinophilic syndrome « back to search q: 2/5/2012 54 yr male with persistent eosinophilia of >1700 with liver, pulmonary and sinus infiltration for 1 year after trip to africa. buy viagra online Patient had + titers to strongyloides and was treated for resistant disease with ivermectin and albendazole without resolution. viagra coupon Extensive work up including hiv, cortisol, tryptase, c-kit mutation, churg straus & oncological evaluation (he is negative for fip1l1–pdgfr mutation) including bone marrow biopsy was negative. best online viagra pharmacy He responds only to high dose steroids (20-40 mg/day) but is having secondary complications. I am now looking at second line agents to treat hes and would like advice regarding hydroxyurea vs. walgreens pharmacy price of viagra Interferon alpha. Which one is more effective? viagra tablets 20mg price Is there anything else i should consider or look for? Thank you. viagra samples   a: thank you for your inquiry. I am requesting a response to your inquiry from dr. what happens if women eat viagra Amy klion, an internationally known expert in hypereosinophilic syndrome and its management, who has published extensively in this area. A small sampling of her articles are referenced below for your perusal (1-4). buy cheap viagra As soon as we hear from dr. Klion, we will forward her response to you. Thank you again for your inquiry. References: 1. buy viagra Klion, et. Bride of Christ … AMEN!